What We Do?

RCC Work

We are the leading service providers for all your Reinforced Concrete Cement works. Shot blasting, sand blasting – both domestic and industrial is our specialty.

Telecom Services

We have been engaged in executing turnkey projects from concept to completion for over twenty six years in the field of Telecommunications. The technical and professional employee group of the associated firms with rich and varied experience was absorbed in the company. Over this period we have laid cables of various capacities for over two thousand kilometers including constructing RCC Manholes, Handholes, ducting and allied civil structures which inevitably involve underground installation of cables/utilities.


Our Scope of Work:

Installation & Commissioning of Telecom Cables (OFC & Copper) by Trenching/Trenchless technology including jointing/splicing & termination etc.
Laying of Ducts, HDPE & MS pipes by HDD for Telecom, Sewer.
Installation & Commissioning of MDF in Telephone Exchanges.
Installation & Commissioning of Cabinet, Pillars, Poles, DP’s.
Commissioning of Teeing work.
Installation & Commissioning of ODF, Duct, FDF, OFC Splicing, OFC termination etc.